About the Project An animated short/infomercial created for an animation class. The idea behind our story is to promote a safety message, which is to always use sunscreen. Since it is summer time we think that this is an appropriate message which we can present in a fun and interesting way. Visit our project site to view each step of our progress. Responsibilities Concept: Characters | Story | Script 3D Modeling & Texturing: Characters | House | Trees | Fences | Chairs | Sunscreen bottle Animation: Characters | Camera-work & framing | Particles Other: Lighting | Sound design Storyboard
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Driving Buddy

  About the Project An app created for Learner drivers to facilitate their driving practices. The driver's supervisor makes use of the app to take notes during the driving sessions with the help of keyword auto-complete for efficiency and ease of use. The app will also log each session via GPS, where pings will also be added along the route whenever the supervisor inputs a note. The Learner driver can then refer back to all the notes, routes, and progress after the session. Responsibilities App Prototype: Concept | Layout/Interface Design | Illustrations Video: Script | Directing | Cinematography | Editing
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  About the Project An adaptation of the short story Flu by Stuart Dybek. Responsibilities Pre-production: Screenwriter | Casting | Location Scout Production: Director | Cinematographer | Props & Set Design | Lighting Post-Production: Editor | Sound Design | Sound re-recording | Motion Graphics
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